EARLI Programme Overview



EVENTS to take a note of!

Opening Ceremony: the time to mark the beginning of another EARLI conference experience.
Date & time: Tuesday, 22 August | 9:30-10:30  
Location: HELEXPO_CC

Policy Makers Session: this year’s topical panel discussion focuses on ”Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age: Challenges and Hopes for Education and Democracy”, as a response of EARLI to creating Hope in our Uncertain Times.
Date & time: Tuesday, 22 August | 10:30-11:30  
Location: HELEXPO_CC

Presidential Address & Award: EARLI President shares her expertise – EARLI Awards are announced.
Date & time: Tuesday, 22 August | 19:00-20:30  
Location: HELEXPO_CC

Welcome Reception: a warm WELCOME is an integral part of Greek Hospitality
Date & time: Tuesday, 22 August | 20.30
Location: Thessaloniki City Hall

Lunch with Professors: offers young researchers the opportunity to discuss with experts from their field of interest, enjoy a good lunch and a nice cup of coffee at the same time.
Date & time: Wednesday, 23 August | 13:30-14:30
Location: UOM_GYM

SIG Meeting & Dinners: a “meet and mingle” time for SIG members, sharing the SIG news and activities.
Date & time: Wednesday, 23 August | 18:30-20:30
Location: UOM

Running with Presidents: a tradition that we love to repeat, this time on the openness of Thessaloniki’s waterfront. Being either on the team of “Marathonodromoi” (runners) or of “Vadistes” (brisk walkers) be sure to enjoy this refreshing morning activity, before conference sessions!
Date & time: Thursday, 24 August | 06.15 - 07:00
Meeting point: waterfront deck in front of the Macedonia Palace Hotel

Lunch and Ancient Symposium for Early Career Researchers: an opportunity for doctoral students to chat with the JURE portfolio holder of the EC as well as previous winners of the JURE Mentoring Grant, matters such “how can EARLI support you in your research?”, issues of career building, networking and international relations.
Date & time: Thursday, 24 August | 13:30-14:30
Location: UOM_GYM

Members Meeting: join us at our biennial opportunity to meet with all other EARLI Members
Date & time: Thursday, 24 August | 18.45
Location: UOM_CH

Conference Dinner: Music, dance and Greek food, all under the summer breeze of the Aegean Sea
Date & time: Friday, 25 August | 20.30
Location: IPPIKOS Member Club*

*buses departures will be announced to those having purchased a ticket

Closing Ceremony: a bittersweet goodbye and a promise to meet again at EARLI2025
Date & time: Saturday, 26 August | 18.15
Location: University of Macedonia